Andrés Molina – Friday 31st March – 8:30pm to 2am

In his nine years as a DJ, Andrés Molina has grown to become a well-established figure of the Buenos Aires and European tango scene. His mixing is always on the spot and is aimed at creating a continuous high-energy vibe throughout the crowd. Because he pays close attention to the dance floor mood, he is able to adapt but also to actively interact with the people around him, making him someone who plays for the people and not according to his own tastes.

His unconventional choices of cortinas also contribute to this idea by being a key tool of the mix selection instead of mere transitions between tandas. For these reasons, Andrés Molina is now considered as a cornerstone of the up-and-coming generation of DJs”


Alejandro Sasha Vicente Grabovetsky – Saturday 1st April  – 2:30pm to 6pm

Sasha got DJing superpowers in Kiev (1986) after being scratched by a radioactive record of Tanturi/Castillo’s “La Vida es Corta” (oh the irony!)

Sasha’s music centres on the Golden Age, with very occasional detours into the Guardia Vieja and 50s, depending on the event. He’s been DJing in Marathons, Festivals and Encuentros in 20 different countries, from the eastern reaches of Ukraine and Russia to the western reaches in US and Argentina, and even in exotic locations in the Emirates.


Marcelo Rojas – Saturday 1st April – 8pm to 2am

A famous must-see DJ in the tango scene, one of the most renowned in Buenos Aires as well as at international level.
He is currently the “musical adviser for the Buenos Aires city government”, programmer at the official Buenos Aires tango radio station “La 2×4”, DJ at the Confitería Ideal, organiser and DJ at the Milonga Tango Ideal.
In 2009 he won the Martín Fierro prize for best music programme (“La noche con amigos” with Lionel Godoy). He has DJ’d at the best known milongas in Argentina and Europe. For many years he has participated at major festivals in Latin America (including the World Tango festival in Buenos Aires, the “Camicando mocca – canyengue” festival, the Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino “C.I.T.A.”, the Campeonato Metropolitano tango show, the Cumbre Mundial de tango Bariloche) and during his travels in Europe and Asia.


Alberto Ortiz – Sunday 2nd April – 2:30pm to 6pm

Alberto (Beto) Ortiz is an Argentinian who has lived in London for the last six years. After starting as the DJ at his own Tea Dance, Beto became so popular that he is now invited regularly to DJ at the best local milongas in London, including Corrientes Social Club, Tango The Light, Negracha, Carablanca Tango Club, Tango Etnia … also in Mallorca Tango Festival in Spain every year…

Beto is a traditional DJ who selects the best tangos of the golden age and arranges them in tandas with cortinas.

Andrea Dedó – Sunday 2nd April – 8pm to 1am

“You are Energy for the milonga!” this is one of the best congratulations that I received after a milonga set” ”I like to think the DJ rules like this, gives always new energy at the dancers, try to propose every time the right tanda at the right moment and ignite the magic of the milonga”

Thanks to an intense background as musician, dancer and tango teacher, and to a continuous study, Andrea Dedò always is able to interpret to the best the dance-floor to the delight of our feet! From several years he travel around Europe to playing at the best Festivals and Marathons. His style it’s absolutely traditional. “Todo el mundo a bailar!”

Andrea Dedò is the artistic director of the International L’Aquila Tango Marathon & Festival,, as well as the creator and director of the Italian Tango magazine “El Tanguero”, From 2009 is the resident DJ of the “Milonga di Camila” (Italy).