The Pista (Salon) Tango and Stage Tango categories of the competition will consist of three stages:

1) The Qualifying Round: All registered couples must participate. Couples will dance one qualifying round – Qualifying round will be held on Friday 31st March 2017 (Pista Tango: There will be three tangos on one round / Stage Tango: There will be one tango on one round).

2) The Semi-Finals: Couples who have been selected in the Qualifying round will dance one round in the Semi-finals on Saturday 1st April 2017 (Pista Tango: three tangos on one round / Stage Tango: one tango on one round).

3) The Finals: Couples selected in the Semi-final round will dance one round in the Finals on Sunday 2nd April 2017 (Pista Tango: three pieces of music on one round / Stage Tango: 1 piece of music on one round).


The Organization of the Preliminary reserves the right to record all the stages of the Championship, by any means known or to be known—including but not limited to filming, recording, photographing, digitalization, etc.—by itself or third parties, in order to promote and advertise the event. The recorded material obtained will be exclusive property of the Organization of the Preliminary, who will have to turn a copy of it, as established by the Collaboration Agreement, to the Office of Festivals. By entering the Championship, participants explicitly and irrevocably authorize the use of the recorded material, without this suggesting—or implying—any compensation for any reason whatsoever by the Organization of the Preliminary and/or the Office of Festivals, in favor of any person or organization that claims entitlement to any right that may be invoked. This clause also includes, without limitations, all photographic material published and/or made available for promotion, advertisement, etc.