The World tango dance tournament (in Spanish: Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango, also known as Mundial de Tango) is an annual competition of Argentine Tango, held in Buenos AiresArgentina, usually in August, as part of the Buenos Aires Tango Festival organized by the city’s government.

The competition consists of two categories: “Tango de Pista” (Salon Tango), which has strict rules about the usage of traditional milonga figures, and “Tango Escenario” (Stage Tango), which is more choreographic and includes elements from other dance disciplines, such as ballet. Previously the competition was only open to couples consisting of men and women but in 2013 the rules were relaxed to allow same gender couples (man dancing with man, or woman with woman) to enter the competition.

The World Cup competition is the final leg of a series of pre-competitions held around the world starting from March. Traditionally the city of Buenos Aires and various municipalities choose their own “Municipal” champions who get wildcards into the final rounds. The same wildcard advantage is also given to national or regional champions of recognized competitions; in 2015 these include Uruguay (UY), Chile (CL), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, BR), USA (US), Russia (RU), China (CN), Tokyo(JP), Seoul(KR), France (Paris, FR), United Kingdom (London, UK), EU (Todi, Italy)